when the minds are FREE

NOTHING is impossible


We have, over the past three decades, mastered the art of audio to build solid relationships between consumers and brands! In short, we are CAPABLE of separating you from the herd and design a campaign as unique as you. Here are the areas we shine in :

  • Any audio design under the sun from radio spots, jingles and podcasts to sonic logos and film scores utilizing the power of Pro Tools™, a global talent roster, sound designers who make magic and seasoned writers who are true sonic virtuosos..
  • Video production utilizing the power of Final Cut Pro™, a parade of casting partners all over the world, amazingly talented video editors, 3-D animation artists and seasoned writers capable of blowing up the status quo with big ideas.
  • Digital and graphic design utilizing the power of the Adobe® Creative Cloud™, our team of top guns “get” the strategic use of visual magic from print to outdoor and website construction to logo design. When it comes to taking full advantage of online strategies Yamanair keeps up with the digital landscape which evolves hourly.